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<strong>PROJECT BLUE BOOK 1976</strong> BRAD STEIGER
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432 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published January 1, 1976

The top secret findings on UFOs are finally revealed.

While the United States Air Force was offering the American people pat denials that UFOs were "serious business, " it was conducting intensive, highly secret inquiries into all UFO reports.
These inquiries were carried out by responsible Air Force personnel and respected civilian scientists. When their conclusions did not support the official position, the findings were suppressed.
Now, the secret findings of Project Sign, Project Grudge, Special Report #14, and Project Blue Book are revealed in this explosive and significant document!
Examine it and decide for yourself . . . but you may not be able to dismiss the riveting testimony of scientists, the military, pilots, and citizens all over the country who have witnessed UFOs

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