Pebbles Hooper

<strong>VISIONAIRE 50 TOYS</strong> 2001
  • <strong>VISIONAIRE 50 TOYS</strong> 2001
  • <strong>VISIONAIRE 50 TOYS</strong> 2001
  • $400.00

For 50 ARTIST TOYS, Visionaire imagined a set of toys as animal companions to the designer figurines from 44 TOYS and 45 MORE TOYS. It consists of elaborate nesting dolls and acccessories silk-screened in designs by artists like Alex Katz, R. Crumb, and Tim Noble & Sue Webster. “The toy project was sweet on the outside and charming on the inside,” says artist Rob Pruitt. “I simply tacked Winston Churchill’s great quote (‘A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’) to it, decorated the surface with images of my beloved panda, and crossed my fingers that it would provoke the person playing with it to ponder our collective fascination with this beautiful, threatened creature.”

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