Pebbles Hooper

<strong>VISIONAIRE 39 PLAY</strong> 2002
  • <strong>VISIONAIRE 39 PLAY</strong> 2002
  • <strong>VISIONAIRE 39 PLAY</strong> 2002
  • $800.00

With 39 PLAY, Visionaire began to experiment with the moving image. PLAY developed as an issue devoted to film, featuring the work of directors like Pedro Almodóvar and Darren Aronofsky, as well as high-fashion lensmen like Nick Knight and Craig McDean. Presented in collaboration with Sony PlayStation, the issue melded the high-tech worlds of gaming and video with the retro, lo-fi, tactile sensibilities of flip-books. “From Karl Lagerfeld’s footage of a blooming flower to Baz Luhrmann’s film of a sultry cancan dance, PLAY took a vintage publishing format and placed it resolutely in the present. For his flip-book, Steven Meisel imagined model Amber Valletta as “Little Edie” Beale from Grey Gardens 

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